I know, I know. It's Google. But it's actually really cool that they worked with the Framework team to create a chromebook that is repairable, upgrade-ready, and modular. Pretty much every other Chromebook is insta-trash.

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@trevorflowers well that's an interesting piece to follow the Google announcement that they are officially bailing out of the Chromebook Pixel business!

@mcdanlj I had the same thought. It would be sweet if the Framework folks picked up all of the Pixel customers and it funded more work on modular hardware.

@trevorflowers it was kind of sad to see folks coming out of the woodwork to trash for working with Google here. The Twitter thread was almost pure garbage. Instead of celebrating "if what you want is a Chromebook now it is repairable, upgradeable, and has eight years of support" there was a torrent of "shame on you for working with Google" which was not awesome IMHO.

@mcdanlj I've noticed that some folks are unfairly hard when people who are "fighting the good fight" are then perceived to be impure. The same people slamming the Framework team on Twitter probably use GMail and YouTube every day.

@trevorflowers yeah, and even if they don't use any of Google services it just didn't seem necessary to me to attack. 😢

And... it was on Twitter. Do they think that Twitter is particularly better than Google at protecting privacy somehow? That's where the hypocrisy hits from my point of view...

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