It's handy to have a couple of movable webcams in the shop to keep an eye on long-running processes. I put long cables and grippy tentacle tripods on the USB webcams connected to my two Octopi devices so now I can watch paint dry while in the clean(er) room that has my CAD machine.

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are you just connecting these cams to a computer you remote into, or is the video going over the internet when you watch? iot webcams? or is there a good, privacy-respecting solution for this kind of thing? thinking of setting up shop cam, but i'd rather go without than send my video to some hacky saas place just for the convenience of being able to watch it

@wren I'm using the webstreaming feature provided by Octopi to serve the video streams just within my LAN. I suppose that I could expose them using ngrok or I could create a VPN into my LAN but I haven't needed to see the cams when I'm away from my shop and office (which are in the same building).

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