Random tip: I use a command line calculator 'bc' and this BASH alias to keep a date-stamped log of all of my calculations. I leave notes to my future self about what I'm calculating. It's dang handy.

alias bcl='date '\''+## %F'\'' >> ~/.bc_history; tee -a ~/.bc_history | bc -l | tee -a ~/.bc_history'

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@trevorflowers yes, just like reverse-i-search being able to annotate and overall manipulate history from the CLI is a super power!

@trevorflowers Sadly, that kills readline. And you can't work around that with bc -il

It would be great if bc's readline use actually would keep a history file. That wouldn't have the dates in it, but if it did you could just add a simple echo to your alias and get that too...

@mcdanlj True. I personally always go into interactive mode with so the lack of one-shots doesn't bother me. Ideally logging would be built into 'bc' but for now this works.

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