In computer graphics, Blender has supplanted expensive modeling and rendering programs for teams who aren't tied into an existing ecosystem. I feel like FreeCAD is about to do the same thing to suites like SolidWorks. I was a FreeCAD user for several years before trying solidworks and I expected it to be radically better because it is an industry standard and expensive. It does have features that FreeCAD doesn't but other open SW has filled the gaps.

@trevorflowers I once worked as an engineer at a space center, and we used a ridiculous priced modeling/drafting software (and even more for the FEM packages). We had to hire two people just to manage the bugs in the software.

@mechkit At some scales of teams it's worth paying just to have a support hotline to the suite engineers but with FreeCAD it's starting to be cheaper to hire FOSS devs to know and fix anything that comes.up.

@trevorflowers i didn't use freecad for about eight years or so. Good to see it's still around! :)

does modern freecad offer anything close to the ease of use and user experience of autodesk's Fusion 360? I really like fusion for lowering the entry barrier to CAD

@dvs808 If you haven't used FreeCAD in that long then I think you're in for a pleasant surprise.

@trevorflowers I opened FreeCAD once and kept it up because I couldn't figure out how to close it

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